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Accreditation Compliance

Focus on the Patient and Compliance Will Follow

At Envicare, we value the trust our clients put in us to help them offer a safe environment for their patients and employees alike.  We work alongside you, we help you establish such an environment by educating your staff during our audit and regulatory inspection process.  Envicare offers a variety of healthcare compliance programs from Infection Control, Safety Preparedness, DEA Compliance, and Environment of Care to Waste Audits.

Healthcare Compliance Advisor

- Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Data Review and Compliance Assessment

- Document Review and Revisions including EC Management Plans

- Ongoing and Annual Standards Review and Documents Update

- Accreditation Survey Preparedness

- Remote Consulting Assistance during a Survey

Healthcare Compliance Projects

- Critical Area Ventilation Humidity and Temperature Review

- Medical Equipment & Supplies CMS Waiver Assessment 

- Emergency Management Program Development 

- Water Management Program Development

- NFPA Utility System Risk Assessment

- Pharmacy Compounding Space Compliance Review 

Healthcare Compliance Programs

The presentation of documentation is key to a successful accreditation survey. 

The products which can provide organized documentation and rapid presentation include: 

- Survey Compliance Binders 

- TJC Binder Tab Sets 

- Sample Policy and Procedure Documents 

Healthcare Compliance Advisor

EnviCare Accreditation Compliance Consultants provide healthcare compliance services to ensure an organization is ready for any survey process. Even during a survey, the organization can have “live” consultant access to assist in the response to a surveyor’s question. The services are available for Environment of Care (EC), Emergency Management (EM), and Infection Control (IC) assistance.

Healthcare Compliance Projects

With the revision of the appropriate accreditation standards, specific Program plans or Procedures may be required. The EnviCare professional can assist in healthcare compliance consulting that includes conducting particular Risk Assessments and developing the required Program.

Healthcare Compliance Program

The presentation of documentation is key to a successful accreditation survey. Providing documentation quickly for survey review can eliminate the stress of the survey. Maintaining “hard-copy” documentation during an electronic survey presentation relieves the concern for a Murphy Law computer failure and notifies the surveyor that it is an active compliance program.

Professional Healthcare Compliance Advising

EnviCare’s healthcare compliance consulting services can help you ensure that all of your operations abide by the relevant legal, professional, and ethical standards in the healthcare field. Many of these standards are set by OSHA and HIPPA, along with local, state, and federal governments. We do this by helping you create, implement, and enforce healthcare compliance programs, policies, and standards. We’ll work with you closely, and you can think of us as a partner.There are many rules and regulations pertaining to healthcare, making it very difficult for many healthcare providers to understand compliance in addition to the services they are providing. Making it more difficult to remain compliant is the fact that new regulations and laws transform America’s healthcare system frequently. So, healthcare compliance consulting services are something that providers, big and small, need for continuous compliance. These services are necessary to avoid the fines, penalties, lawsuits, security breaches, business disruptions, poor patient care, eroded trust, and damaged reputations that can and will result from a breach in healthcare compliance. In addition to helping healthcare providers avoid these consequences, EnviCare’s healthcare compliance programs also help providers better serve their patients. Whether you’re a local clinic serving a small rural area, or an expansive hospital located in the middle of an urban environment, EnviCare’s healthcare compliance consulting services can help you. All of the services we offer are built around your success because we know that you succeeding means helping people in your community feel better and live healthier lives. We’ve worked with a variety of healthcare organizations over the years and have helped them evaluate and improve their operations to be more compliant and better serve their communities. To help your organization be compliant, we’ll rely on our experience with various industries in the healthcare field, including the National DEA & Board of Pharmacy Compliance. 

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