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Sharps Disposal Services

When healthcare facilities, medical supply companies, and local establishments think about sharps disposal, EnviCare stands out as the premier choice. We're dedicated to ensuring the safe disposal of sharps to minimize public health risks.

Understanding Sharps Disposal

Sharps, encompassing items like needles, scalpels, and other medical sharps, play an integral role in the medical field.


Proper sharps disposal is paramount for health care facilities to protect both the environment and public safety. The repercussions of improper disposal can be dire, posing public health risks, and leading to the spread of diseases through contaminated needles.


Sharps Disposal Containers

Sharps containers are red in color and have red biohazard labels that read "SHARPS DISPOSAL" and "DANGER" as a precaution for anyone who comes across it. These containers are made of heavy-duty leak-proof plastic and have puncture-proof and tight-fitting lids.

Sharps disposal containers also feature a stable, upright design for easy reading and warning. Sharps containers are designed specifically for the safe disposal of medical waste in Atlanta, GA and throughout the southeastern United States . EnviCare sells a variety of sharps container sizes. Visit the online store to order today.

  • Syringes

  • Needles

  • Razors/Blades

  • Glass Vials

  • Scalpels

  • Lancets

  • Instruments

These containers are specially designed to offer puncture resistant protection against potential hazards. Proper sharps disposal containers are crafted to contain infectious waste securely. With secure lids and a sturdy build, they are pivotal in preventing dangerous needle sticks and other potential injuries.

Features and Specifications of Sharps Containers

Each sharps container features a puncture-resistant body and tight-fitting lids, ensuring the safe containment of used sharps and other sharps.


A sharps disposal container, critical in managing infectious waste, is miles apart from regular solid waste containers, emphasizing their significance in the medical and health care field.

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Sharps Waste Collection


EnviCare takes extra care to streamline the sharps disposal process for hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities. This process is instrumental for healthcare facilities and local pharmacies, giving you an organized approach to handling sharps.


Once healthcare professionals place sharps in these collection containers, EnviCare meticulously manages the sharps waste, ensuring it's treated with the utmost care.


You can visit our online shop for all of your sharps collection station needs.

Ensuring Public Safety: The Risks of Household Sharps

Household sharps, albeit similar in appearance to medical sharps, pose unique risks. The dangers associated with improper disposal of household sharps can lead to significant public health risks.


EnviCare's comprehensive sharps disposal services address these challenges head-on, ensuring each item is disposed of properly, safeguarding both the environment and sanitation workers.


Why EnviCare is the Top Choice for Sharps Disposal

When it comes to proper sharps disposal in Atlanta, GA and the southeast United States, EnviCare is the name to know. EnviCare works with healthcare facilities, manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies, nursing homes, tattoo parlors, surgery centers, veterinarian clinics, dentists, and more!​

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all healthcare facilities use FDA-cleared sharps disposal containers for the disposal of items considered sharps. Sharps include needles, blades, razors, broken glass, wires, instruments, glass vials, glass bottles, and more.


Since these objects can easily puncture through bags and boxes, using the proper containers is crucial. Used sharps can contain blood, bodily fluids, as well as other liquids that can cause contamination, illness, and even death. Our service for biohazardous waste disposal in Atlanta, GA and the southeastern United States can take care of all this for you.

We have years of training, knowledge, and experience when it comes to FDA-compliant disposal of medical waste in Atlanta, GA, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi. EnviCare's sharps disposal program is here to help create procedural plans that are easily handled within any organization. EnviCare drafts sharps disposal plans, we can also directly handle the removal and disposal ourselves!


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