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Biohazard Waste Disposal


EnviCare is a leading expert in the Southern United States, taking responsibility for the safe handling of biomedical waste. Our dedication to quality and compliance means we create unique solutions for local hospitals, labs, and other facilities like surgery centers and funeral homes, safely disposing of biohazardous waste.


We're biohazardous waste disposal experts; handling, moving, and disposing of biohazardous and biomedical waste responsibly, keeping the community and the environment safe.


With our commitment to compliance and innovation we make sure to do the job right, setting the bar for safe and continuous waste removal.

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Understanding Biohazardous Waste Disposal

Here at EnviCare, we understand the importance of properly handling biohazardous waste.


These materials can carry potentially infectious materials that could harm the public and the environment if not handled properly. Our experts are pros at handling regulated medical waste, including liquid biohazardous waste, in a safe and compliant way.


By making these our priority, we're able ensure the disposal of waste is done safely and responsibly.

Why Proper Biohazard Waste Disposal Matters

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Making sure we handle biohazard waste, whether it's biomedical or liquid waste, makes a difference for our environment and our health. When handled correctly, we stop biohazardous wastes and other potentially infectious materials from spreading into our soil, water, and air.


EnviCare's dedication to handling this waste properly means we're the shield against accidents, keeping our neighborhoods and nature safe.

The Types of Biohazard Waste Envicare Handles

We're experts at handling different types of biohazardous waste generated from a wide variety of industries.


We tackle things like infectious waste (including used bandages, gloves, and body fluids), and are also experts at managing sharps, like needles.


Our team is equipped to dispose of pathological waste, microbial culture, and materials from biotechnology. We follow strict guidelines, showing our commitment to handling waste in a safe and lawful way.

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Comprehensive Biomedical Waste Disposal Services

EnviCare is your expert when it comes to the disposal of medical waste, like sharps containers and biological waste. We're careful to follow all federal, state, and local regulations while customizing the needs of specialized facilities.

Tailored Solutions for Your Facility

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Whether a hospital, lab, or even a funeral home or surgery center, EnviCare understands that each facility has its own kind of medical waste, and that liquid and solid waste must be treated uniquely. Our solutions are tailored to fit each different waste type, ensuring all the waste we handle is treated safely and properly.

Our team goes above and beyond, making sure waste is disposed of the right way, every single time. The short version - if it comes with a biohazard symbol on it, we'll help you get rid of it the right way.

High-Tech in Medical Waste Management

EnviCare leads the charge in handling biohazardous and medical waste while using the best technologies.


With sterilization and eco-friendly tools, we're able to handle all types of medical waste, including sharps containers and collection vessels.


Our high-tech tools help us stay safe and lawful making our world cleaner and safer.

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Our Approach to Biohazardous Waste Management

In biohazard waste management, safety and environmental responsibility are priority. From the initial collection to the final disposal, we guarantee safe handling of potentially infectious materials while providing the highest level of environmental standards.

Our Biohazardous Waste Collection Process

EnviCare has a specific collection process using a leak proof secondary container and a biohazard label to ensure safe containment of mixed waste materials. Putting your materials to be disposed of into a biohazard bag may not be enough if you want to dispose of them properly.

These puncture resistant containers are specially designed, preventing leaks and spills, safeguarding against any potentially infectious agents. our professionals are trained in safety protocols, guaranteeing the secure collection of biohazardous waste from different industries.

By equipping facilities with industry standard equipment (such as our leak proof container lined with required red biohazard bags), we make sure that your clinic or research lab is able to properly dispose of items like human tissues, lab consumables, and other biological waste.


Next Steps for Disposing of Biohazardous Waste

EnviCare's strengths lie in our organized way of dealing with biohazardous waste.


Our team follows a step-by-step process, making sure each part of the process is safe and legal. EnviCare puts safety first, following all state guidelines, ensuring we handle biohazardous materials responsibly and securely in a container that's specifically designed for either liquid or solid biohazardous waste.

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