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Pharmaceutical Waste Services

EnviCare is a leading nationwide provider of Pharmaceutical Mail Back services. EnviCare offers a convenient and cost-effective solution to rid your home or office of unused and expired medication. EnviCare proudly serves individuals, businesses, pharmacies and healthcare organizations with reliable, secure and confidential mail back services. 

Pharmaceutical waste comes from a variety of facility types and has several different classifications. The first line of classifications are non-hazardous or hazardous and DEA controlled or non-controlled. The classifications of pharmaceutical waste, is easily determined by EnviCare's identification pamphlet. EnviCare handles pharmaceutical waste disposal with the highest standards in Atlanta, GA as well as nationwide, with proper pharmaceutical waste management. Currently, EnviCare offers both mail-back and transportation services for non-controlled, non-hazardous pharmaceuticals. EnviCare now offers nationwide DEA controlled pharmaceutical mail-back services. 

Pharmaceutical Waste Management

Healthcare Facilities

At EnviCare, we proudly offer pharmaceutical waste management in Atlanta, GA and nationwide for healthcare facilities. Including long-term care facilities, doctor's offices, hospitals and surgery centers. EnviCare custom tailors a solution for pharmaceutical waste needs. EnviCare's mail-back program offers a convenient self-service solution that is a popular choice for small quantity generators. If you're ready, click here for the order form.

Manufacturers & Wholesellers

EnviCare programs for pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers are custom tailored to each client's needs. From a simple mail-back program for regular waste generation and destruction to onsite pick-up and transfer to a destruction facility. EnviCare works with a wide variety of forward distribution facilities as well as reverse distributors, offering tailored designed options that work seamlessly with current operations and compliance teams.


With over 30,000 prescription dispensaries in the US alone, there is an urgent need for a compliant, dependable, and simple pharmaceutical waste management solution. Whether the pharmacy is located in a hospital, independent, chain location(s), or a warehouse dispensary. EnviCare's mail-back pharmaceutical waste management solution receives top rated reviews for its ease and value. 

Our Program

Having a compliant program for pharmaceutical waste management in Atlanta, GA and nationwide has never been easier. Once you order your mail-back kit, EnviCare's Client Care Team will carefully package everything needed to mail unwanted pharmaceuticals to our facility located in Cartersville, Georgia. EnviCare's CARE Team will ensure proper destruction and documentation upon receiving unwanted pharmaceuticals.

At EnviCare, we CARE about families, communities and take every measure to ensure pharmaceutical waste stays out of harm's way protecting loved ones and sacred natural resources. Once the kit is received, simply fill out the lined box, complete the verification form/manifest and schedule a UPS pickup. It's quick, simple, environmentally conscious, and a cost-effective solution! Keeping families, environments, communities, and workplaces safe and compliant is the EnviCare CARE. Order the mail-back kit today and start helping to protect communities with the EnviCare CARE team.

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Pharmaceutical Mail
Back Program

Program Features

- Compliant

- Cost Effective 

- Easy To Implement

- Eco Friendly

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Importance of
Proper Disposal

Got pharmaceutical waste? Have a program in place to ensure proper pharmaceutical waste disposal with EnviCare. Environmental and community issues have arisen from the improper handling and disposal of pharmaceuticals, At EnviCare, we CARE about these concerns and offer a safe, compliant, simple mail-back solution. 

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