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Medical Waste Collection in Atlanta, GA

Why Hire a Professional Medical Waste Collection Company?

Regulated medical waste pickup isn't as simple as it may sound. When you manage a healthcare facility or another type of business that uses sharps or other materials that can contain blood or bodily fluids, it is crucial that such waste is disposed of accurately. Here are a few reasons why hiring a medical waste collection company is in your company or facility's best interest:


  • Compliance: Companies that offer medical waste pick up and disposal services understand the rules and regulations behind them. The FDA recommends that facilities and companies use specific disposal materials and methods, which EnviCare adheres to. 

  • Environmental Protection: Without regulated medical waste pickup and disposal, hazardous toxins and chemicals can enter the environment. Not only can this get your facility in trouble but it also causes pollution, water contamination, and other negative effects on the environment we live in. Experienced medical waste disposal companies understand how to dispose of such toxins and chemicals in the safest ways possible. 

  • Human Protection: Hazardous chemicals and toxins also harm humans, especially those who are located in hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers, and other facilities. If you work at or are a patient within a medical facility, you expect that your health will not be harmed by medical waste. To keep your facility running efficiently and safely, hiring a professional medical waste collection company is the smartest move.

  • Efficiency: Hiring a professional company for medical waste collection and disposal will actually improve your facility's overall efficiency and safety. The experts can take care of the medical waste so providers can focus on their work and patients can enjoy improved health outcomes.

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