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Document Shredding Services

EnviCare Offers Secure Off-Site Document Shredding

The law states that when a customers data is ready to be thrown away, it must be destroyed. Partnering with a law abiding document shredding company is extremely important for the security of your clients identity.

By partnering with EnviCare, you can assure your clients their personal information is being handle by the book. It shows your clients you are committed to protecting their personal information There are never any shortcuts and EnviCare has demonstrated time and time again how seriously we take confidential document destruction.

Different Shredding Container Sizes for Different Solutions

EnviCare offers 4 separate document shredding containers. Our 24" Executive Cabinet is perfect to fit under a desk for smaller generators. The 36" Executive Cabinet option is great for dentists and smaller medical practices. For the larger generators, EnviCare offers a 64 and 96 gallon shred containers. Whether you need a large volume cleanout, or a once a year pickup, EnviCare offers a wide range of services to fit your needs.

Handle Your Customers Personal Information Responsibly

SECURITY, SECURITY, SECURITY! Your clients are trusting that you will handle their personal information responsibly.

Please visit for a free quote, or call 770-607-5757.


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