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Wait...Tattoo Parlors Have Medical Waste?

A tattoo parlor might be the last place you’d think of as being “medical,” yet the waste generated by them is— absolutely. And the cost to dispose of said medical waste is notably higher than the cost of disposing of regular waste because of the regulations around containment, transportation, and treatment requirements (Overstreet, 2021). Still, waste generated by tattoo parlors must be properly handled to protect people from exposure to bloodborne pathogens. When tattoo shops improperly dispose of their medical waste, they are potentially exposing the public to bloodborne diseases like Hepatitus B virus (HBV), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Since these diseases come with substantial medical costs and are highly detrimental to a person’s lifelong health, tattoo parlors must follow FDA regulations for disposing of their waste (Murille-Hawkins, 2020).

Tattoo needles, oftentimes, are made for one-time use, and, according to the FDA, should be discarded in puncture-resistant sharps containers after use (Murille-Hawkins, 2020). In fact, any sharps that are used in body modification or to create indelible marks must be deposited into sharps containers; these items are as follows: “scalpels, needles, razor blades, disposable razors, and other sharps” (Murille-Hawkins, 2020). Additionally, sharps containers should be placed at levels that are easy for tattoo artists to reach so that they are able to be discarded directly after their usage— minimizing the possibility of accidents(Murille-Hawkins, 2020).

Every state has its own laws surrounding the proper disposal of medical waste, and EnviCare can ensure that every establishment in Georgia that generates medical waste is able to dispose of that medical waste properly— even the establishments that aren’t necessarily considered “medical.” We care about the public, the environment, and every business we service. We currently service _____ tattoo parlors, and we’d love the opportunity to service yours in the near future. Our services are

FDA-approved and are designed specifically to prevent accidents from happening in every environment. Clink the link for a quote today:, or call us at 770-607-5757. We look forward to hearing from you!

Written By. Karlie Clifton


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