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Alpharetta, GA
Sharps Disposal Services

Expert Sharps Disposal Services in Alpharetta by EnviCare

If you operate a medical facility in Alpharetta, GA, it's critical that you invest in the proper treatment and disposal of your sharps and other medical waste.

These needs, often overshadowed by the day-to-day demands of delivering medical care to your patients, are an important part of keeping your community safe and compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.

That's why EnviCare is committed to helping you effectively dispose of needles, syringes, and other sharps from your medical facilities.

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Comprehensive Sharps Disposal Solutions

Effective sharps disposal begins with making sure that all materials are placed in a red puncture resistant sharps container.


Our team will then come by to collect those containers and any other regulated medical waste from your business or organization so that you can worry less about waste disposal and focus on your operations.

Secure Collection & Transportation

EnviCare provides specialized containers for sharps disposal, designed to be puncture-resistant and securely sealed.
These containers are crucial for preventing accidental needle sticks and other injuries.


The design and size of these containers can vary, accommodating the specific needs of different medical settings - larger bins for hospitals with high volumes of sharps waste and smaller ones for private practices.

The collection method is also tailored; for instance, larger facilities might have a designated central collection point, while smaller clinics may have containers in each treatment room.

Scheduled and Prompt Transportation Services

Once the sharps are safely contained, EnviCare arranges for their collection and transportation. This service is characterized by strict scheduling to ensure timely pickup, which is crucial for facilities where space for waste storage might be limited.

The transportation is handled by trained professionals who understand the importance of safely handling medical waste. This prompt service ensures that sharps waste doesn't accumulate on-site, reducing potential risks and maintaining a safe environment for both staff and patients.

Advanced Sharps Treatment & Processing

State-of-the-Art Treatment Technologies for Sharps

After collection, the sharps undergo treatment and processing using advanced technologies. EnviCare utilizes modern methods such as autoclaving, which sterilizes the waste using high-pressure steam, or other technologies that might include incineration.

These state-of-the-art techniques are effective in rendering the sharps waste harmless, ensuring that they can be safely disposed of without posing a risk to public health or the environment.

Prioritizing Environmental Safety in Sharps Disposal

EnviCare places a strong emphasis on environmental safety throughout the disposal process. After treatment, the sharps waste is disposed of in a manner that aligns with environmental guidelines. This approach minimizes the ecological impact of medical waste, reflecting EnviCare’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.
For facilities in Alpharetta, this means being part of a disposal process that is not only safe and compliant but also environmentally responsible.

For medical facilities and other potential EnviCare customers in Alpharetta, GA, these services provide a comprehensive, safe, and environmentally-conscious approach to sharps disposal.

This is particularly important given the stringent regulations and the need for high standards of public health and safety in medical waste management. EnviCare’s services ensure that these facilities can focus on their primary healthcare responsibilities, knowing that the disposal of sharps is managed effectively and responsibly.

Benefits of Choosing EnviCare for Sharps Disposal in Alpharetta

  • Enhanced safety for healthcare workers and the public

  • Environmental stewardship and sustainability

  • Liability reduction for healthcare facilities

  • On-time, reliable service

Local Commitment: EnviCare in the Alpharetta Community

  • Active engagement and understanding of local needs

  • Customized services for Alpharetta healthcare facilities

  • Strengthening community health and safety

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Getting Started with Sharps Disposal in Alpharetta

Doing business with EnviCare is simple and built around your schedule and processes in your facility.

  1. Contact EnviCare through our website, phone, or email.
    Have a quick consultation with an EnviCare representative to discuss your facility’s needs and receive a tailored sharps disposal plan.


  2. Sign up for service.
    Get all necessary sharps disposal supplies, including specialized containers, delivered to your facility, with guidance on setup and usage.


  3. Let us handle your sharps disposal needs.
    You'll get ongoing customer support and regular check-ins to ensure the service meets your needs and adjust as necessary.

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The staff is incredible and the work environment is unmatched by any of their competitors, and it shows! EnviCare staff is happy, and so are their customers.

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Stay Updated: Sharps Disposal Guidelines and Tips

Georgia's medical waste regulations are primarily managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and their Environmental Protection Division (EPD). These regulations align with federal guidelines and include the EPA's guidance on hazardous waste and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations.

Georgia defines biomedical waste somewhat broadly, including pathological or biological waste, cultures, discarded medical equipment, sharps, and different types of associated biologicals.

Sharps Waste Management for Alpharetta Hospitals

Hospitals and similar facilities in Georgia are required to:

  • Assess waste to determine if it is hazardous waste

  • Identify all waste streams generated

  • Assess the volume of hazardous waste generated each month

  • Comply with requirements for on-site hazardous waste storage and off-site shipment

  • Maintain proper documentation of the storage and disposal services utilized


These guidelines and regulations provide a general framework for sharps disposal in Alpharetta, Georgia. It's crucial for healthcare facilities and individuals to adhere to these standards to ensure safe and compliant disposal practices.

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