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Sandy Springs, GA
Sharps Disposal Services

Why Choose EnviCare for Sharps Disposal in Sandy Springs?

At EnviCare, we specialize in safe, compliant, and sustainable sharps waste disposal for healthcare facilities in Sandy Springs, GA.


We recognize the critical role that sharps waste disposal plays in maintaining a safe and healthy environment.


With items like needles, syringes, and lancets posing a risk of injury and contamination, it's vital to manage them responsibly.

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Comprehensive Sharps Waste Management

Our team excels in the intricacies of sharps waste management. We offer a wide array of sharps waste containers and disposal options to meet the diverse needs of healthcare facilities in Sandy Springs.


You can count on us to ensure that all sharps waste is not only contained securely but also transported and disposed of in accordance with both state and federal regulations.


Identification & Segregation

Healthcare workers segregate sharps waste like needles, syringes, and lancets from other medical waste.


Proper Containment

Waste is securely placed in FDA-approved sharps containers to minimize risk of injury and contamination.


Safe Transportation

Sharps waste is collected and transported in specialized vehicles, following all state and federal regulations.


Environmentally Responsible Disposal & Documentation

Sharps waste is disposed of using environmentally responsible methods, with comprehensive documentation maintained for each disposal cycle, ensuring complete accountability.

Staff Training and Compliance Monitoring

At EnviCare, our sharps waste program is engineered to provide double-layer protection for both healthcare workers and the environment.


We take it a step further by providing comprehensive training and education to healthcare staff on best practices for sharps disposal.


Our team also regularly audits and monitors compliance to guarantee that all waste is managed in the safest and most responsible manner.

Stress-Free Sharps Waste Disposal for Healthcare Facilities

We understand that healthcare facilities already have plenty on their plates, from patient care to internal operations.


The last thing you need is to worry about sharps waste disposal.


EnviCare is committed to alleviating that concern by providing a comprehensive, compliant, and green solution to your sharps waste needs in Sandy Springs, GA.


Great company and service team. Highly recommend!

-Tonya Kraning

Contact Us Today for Customized Solutions

Ready to take the next step for safer, more efficient sharps waste management in Sandy Springs, GA? Contact EnviCare today for customized solutions that meet your facility's specific needs.

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