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EnviCare: Atlanta's Top Biohazardous Waste Disposal Company

Atlanta's Go-To for Biohazardous Waste Disposal and Management

EnviCare's focus is on keeping Atlanta, Georgia, safe and healthy by taking care of medical waste throughout the city and surrounding areas.


We work closely with businesses like hospitals, dentists, and tattoo shops ensuring hazardous waste is managed and disposed of properly.


Our aim is to keep our community safe and do our part in the environment.

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Innovative Solutions for Safe Biohazard Waste Management in Atlanta

EnviCare leads the way in Atlanta biohazardous waste disposal, using smart and advanced methods. We manage healthcare waste for various businesses in the city and nearby areas. Our main goal is to use industry-best techniques and follow federal regulations to keep you compliant.

Expert Management of Atlanta's Pathological Waste

Being Atlanta's trusted expert in medical waste management means handling various challenges in waste from across the city and surrounding towns. From regulated medical waste to sharps waste disposal, the team covers a wide range of services and types of facilities.

Atlanta Hospitals and Medical Centers

Safe Handling of Hazardous Waste in Atlanta

In Atlanta, EnviCare responsibly manages healthcare waste, including regulated medical waste and sharps container disposal.


Our team undergoes specialized OSHA compliance training to handle medical waste following Georgia's regulations.


EnviCare's commitment extends to making Atlanta a safer and healthier place by ensuring the responsible management of medical waste, adhering to best practices and governmental standards.


Identification & Segregation

Biohazardous waste is separated by type and bagged or contained appropriately according to Federal, state, and local regulations


Proper Containment

Waste is securely placed in FDA-approved bags or containers to minimize risk of injury and contamination.


Safe Transportation

Biohazard waste is collected and transported in EnviCare's specialized vehicles, following all state and federal regulations.


Environmentally Responsible Disposal & Documentation

All biomedical waste is disposed of using environmentally responsible methods, with full documentation maintained for each disposal cycle, ensuring complete accountability.

Customized Waste Disposal Solutions for Atlanta Industries

In Atlanta, EnviCare works alongside various industries and provides tailored waste disposal services supporting healthcare providers, nursing homes, tattoo shops, dentists, and other businesses.


Our customizable services allow us to cater to the needs of these industries, including sharps waste disposal and pharmaceutical waste disposal.


By offering unique waste disposal services, EnviCare plays a vital role in keeping Atlanta safe.


Tailored Solutions for Atlanta's Biohazard Disposal Needs

EnviCare excels in creating a customized waste disposal solution to help meet the needs of Atlanta's diverse needs, especially when it comes to managing biohazardous waste in your healthcare facility.


Our approach guarantees safety and compliant disposal methods, specifically addressing those unique challenges that are associated with biohazardous waste disposal in the city and surrounding areas. EnviCare offers custom solutions to prioritize the safe handling of biohazardous waste.

Our Dedicated Approach to Atlanta Medical Waste Disposal Needs

When it comes to medical waste disposal services in Atlanta, EnviCare is your dedicated provider, taking compliance and safety seriously.


We ensure that every hazardous material is handled and disposed of properly, using smart and efficient methods. Our specialized containers meet local regulations, emphasizing safe and compliant disposal of biohazardous waste for various facilities and other medical procedures.


EnviCare's service in the local area caters to all your needs, reflecting our commitment to compliance when it comes to medical waste disposal in Atlanta.


Great company with strong leadership!

-Rick Johnson

How We Properly Dispose of Biohazards in Atlanta, Georgia

EnviCare takes a careful approach to managing different types of waste in Atlanta. We make sure to handle medical waste, like sharps containers and biomedical waste, safely and responsibly.


We focus on meeting Atlanta medical waste disposal needs by using methods that follow local regulations, including regulations from the City of Atlanta as well as Fulton and Dekalb County.


EnviCare's approach guarantees the safe and careful handling of different waste streams in Atlanta, prioritizing safety and keeping the environment healthy.

Contact Us Today for Customized Solutions

Ready to take the next step for safer, more efficient sharps waste management in Sandy Springs, GA? Contact EnviCare today for customized solutions that meet your facility's specific needs.

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